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ENERGIEHOME is a rapidly expanding European network of companies, with experience in large, energy-efficient, passive or energy producing family houses and condominiums.

The steady and outstanding quality is ensured by the latest technology used in pre fabricated manufacturing and it is a family owned company, dedicated to wood based architecture.

The construction system of ENERGIEHOME is a thoughtful and environmentally friendly method of building condominiums, detached houses, and sustainable development in the future method of construction!

The network of partner companies at ENERGIEHOME, set they’re target to use and build intelligent system for residential homes at reasonable prices, that guarantee a minimum or zero energy consumption or even energy production. Thus, the customers can stay independent of energy price increases. The construction method is also environmentally friendly. To build a house with this technology, and the energy the house uses in its life span (approximately 100 years) or even dismantling such a building, requires a fraction of energy compared to other methods of construction. Because of this, wooden pre fabricated technology will be a flagship for sustainable development.

O ur engineers adapt the drawings we receive from clients to the Energiehome system, based on customer needs and production technology directives, such as static, fire resistance, thermal insulation, heating – plumbing and also electrical engineering. Before production begins, all the fittings such as electric hose, switches and outlet boxes, HVAC piping, drains and toilet pipes, ventilation plans, are clarified according to engineering plans and fixed in advance.

The wooden based wall panels are produced on CNC-controlled production lines in our factory. The outside windows and doors are fitted with the latest technology together with the outside blinds and insulation but without the final colour.

The pre manufactured wall, floor and roof panels are delivered in a pre-determined schedule to the construction site. With the help of a crane, the wall, slab and roof panels are assembled in a few days. Building debris waste on site is minimal, the building is clean and fast.

The network of ENERGIEHOME, consist of experienced independent construction companies.
They provide offices, design engineers and installation teams in the given country. They contract independently with they’re client according to customer needs, and order the product from the factory.