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Energiehome+ showhouse

Energiehome+ (positive energy balance on an annual basis) the show house can be visited near to the factory all year around in Hungary and by the end of 2012 in Switzerland as well.
This family house with two living levels (77+63 m2) gives a pleasant home to its owners. The lounge has an opening to the terrace, so the residents can enjoy all the benefits of connection to the garden, and the implemented changes in the near future to make it as a conservatory will act as a “sun trap”. The kitchen and the spacious dining room serves as a centre for family get together, while the wardrobe and the kitchen storage is essential requisites of a sound environment.

Separate bathrooms on every level provide comfortable conditions for coexistence.The three rooms in the attic and on the ground floor provides the sound background for unstirred resting.
The house interior design speaks for itself, worthy of the building’s finishing standard.
Mintaház BelsőMintaház BelsőMintaház Belső
The shielding is not negligible either, electric shutters and electric sunshades fitted to protect the glass surface, so the interior is protected against overheating in the summer.

Because of the latest technology the house special wall and roof insulation has a very low heat transmittance coefficient characteristic (U = 0.1 W/m2K). It is well known that the greatest energy loss is generally caused by inadequate insulation. The thick insulation protects not only against winter cold, but summer heat also.

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The other main source of energy loss generally is the fresh air intake to the building. Ventilation is necessary, because of the hermetically sealed doors and windows the humidity must be circulated out of the building, and we have to replace the worn-out air to fresh air. The solution is a central ventilation system with heat recovery. It is constantly circulates fresh, clean air into the house and the heat from the exhausted air is warming the fresh air intake. This technology reduces energy loss of the house – and therefore energy demand is – minimized, while fresh, filtered air is constant in the house.

The show house has central heat recovery ventilation system which differs from the generally offered central ventilation systems. The intake of fresh air goes through a 100 m long tube placed 2 m deep in the ground (“ground heat collector”). Thus the intake fresh air is pre heated, before it gets to the ventilation equipment, saving a lot of energy in the winter. On warm summer days, the system works opposite, the constant temperature of the ground cools the hot air circulating in the pipes and a bypass system lets this cooled fresh air in the house through filters.
Generally we do not offer this heat recovery ground collector system with our Energiehome+ construction, because every building site is different, (the available space etc…) and the costs of this system have to be taken into consideration also.

The demand of remaining energy is covered by solar system on the southern roof plane. The generated DC electrical energy converted to AC electrical energy, which can be fed to the electrical network through the ammeter. The solar collectors produce most of the energy needed for the domestic hot water supply.

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